Wedding trends for 2013

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on February 6, 2013

Most new brides-to-be spend their time running from wedding fair to wedding fair attempting to figure out what they need for their wedding. However, after a while all of the fairs start to look the same. Therefore, it may be more helpful to just read a nice list of the top wedding trends of 2013.

First up, the wedding trend of the year is ‘personal.’ This means that you need to get personal in every way possible. Tables that offer the personal taste of grooms and brides as well as decorations that show both families are a great way to make your wedding special.

When it comes to the gifts, personal is also in and a lot of gifts are now being personalized. This is due to the fact that everything looks a little better if you add a name to it. Plus, depending on what you get you may even be able to use some of the gifts on your special day.

Of course, the most important trend to most brides is the dress and right now super vintage deco art is really in. Vintage cuts with lace and illusion neck lines are all great ways to really capture attention of the guests. The aim should be glamour of the twenties, with inspiration from shows like Downton Abbey or The Great Gatsby.

Finally, you will also want to think about what the groom is going to wear. The days of tails and top hats are long gone, and a pared down suit is usually enough. Some men skip even the cravats and waistcoats that match the bridesmaids instead choosing dark shirts that help to embellish the simple look. Add in some nice shoes or a signature piece to bring the guys together and you will have the perfect look.