Services cost more for weddings than any other event

Posted in Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on June 22, 2013

Engaged couples are likely paying for services that would be available much cheaper if they hosted any other event according to the results of an undercover operation. The undercover inquiry found that venues, DJs, and other party services all charge more for the same service if it is for a wedding versus another large event. In fact, it appeared to be quite normal for a business to increase their price when asked about a wedding.

Which? researchers contacted many different photographers, DJs, and venues spread out across London, Edinburgh, and Manchester and in some instances were offered a much higher price for a wedding package versus a family reunion event.

The magazine reporters called around and asked for a quote from the service in question for a family reunion party. Then, they waited a bit and called the same service and asked for a quote on the same day during the same time of year for a wedding. They found that the four DJs they contacted and the three photographers all quoted the wedding much higher than they did the family reunion.

In one case an Edinburgh DJ stated that the wedding would cost £300-£350, whereas the family party would only cost £200-£250 for the same services. Another photographer said that the for the family reunion he could drop his price down to £320, but for the wedding they insisted that £450 was the lowest they could go.

Only one out of the three venues in question gave different prices. This venue stated that it would be £850 to hire a room that held 120 even though only 100 wedding guests were expected. However, when the same venue was called about the family reunion with 100 people they were offered another room for the lower price of £200.