Removing the mystery around a Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on November 10, 2017

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect wedding dress. You have an idea in your head and you know exactly what you want but just can’t seem to find it anywhere. The more boutiques you go to the more frustrated you become. This is when an off the rack wedding gown just won’t cut it and you need to consider a custom wedding dress.


Having a custom - couture bridal gown is not nearly as expensive as you think it might be. While the experience is more involved than buying a dress from a boutique and having it altered, the finished product is your dream wedding dress made just for you, exactly the way you want it.


We thought it might be useful to remove any mystery that shrouds bespoke bridal dresses so they become accessible to all future brides.


When you first approach a designer about having your dress made it is useful to have a pinterest board or images from magazines of dresses that you like. You don’t need to love the whole gown you might like a sleeve from one and a skirt from another. It is also important to have a budget in mind as this will affect the type and amount of fabrics that will be used for your wedding dress.


The designer will come back with sketches of your vision and once agreed will start the process of making your gown. Remember this is a creative experience that involves you and your bridal designer so be prepared for your design to evolve through the process as you see how the fabrics fall and fit your body shape.


After finalising your design a toile will be made. This is a mockup of your wedding dress in a cheap fabric to make sure that the pattern is correct and you like the shape before any cutting is started on your bridal fabrics. Some brides get a shock when they see the toile as they expect it to be a final dress and are disappointed. You must remember that this is for fit only, it does not have the flow of your final fabrics or the details such as buttons or appliques.


Unlike buying a wedding dress off the rack you will need to invest more time into the fitting of your custom bridal gown. Numerous appointments will be required to get the fit and the placement just right. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of decisions that have to be made so it is important that you choose a designer whom you trust to guide you through the process and make it both enjoyable and incredibly rewarding. A bespoke wedding dress is one to be treasured for ever as your vision created this beautiful piece of bridal art.


If you have any questions in relation to having your wedding dress made feel free to contact as they offer impartial advice on any aspect of having a dress made.