How to get the guests to your wedding

Posted in Wedding essentials on April 29, 2013

3The devil is in the details when it comes to planning a wedding. Choosing the dress, the venue, the menu is all a stressful business but the most important thing to keep in mind is the image you are tiring to project about the best day of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on a blow-out or a sedate affair, it is your choice and you need to communicate that.

In the cards

Wedding invitations have moved on greatly in the past few years but that doesn’t mean you can satisfy etiquette by sending out e-mails. It’s a special occasion, not a conference call after all.

Instead, opt for specialised invitations that exude your personality but abide by the normal social conventions. Bespoke wedding invitations are a way to show people that you want them to share your special day and care about them. It also allows you to let your creative side out and is far more rewarding than a simple email.

The choice is out there

The amount of decisions you can make when planning your invitations is vast. The choice for including pictures of the happy couple or a nice design, what type of card to use, and so on can seem a little bit overwhelming so it’s important you start thinking about what you want early on. Try and match theme colours from your wedding in the invitations or find a way to add a personal touch – such as adding a photo of yourself or giving your invitations a distinct theme.

Why personalise your invitations?

Invitations are just that: a wish to have that person’s company at an important time. This needs the effort of composing a seductive invitation and something that represents you both well. You need to consider what will be beautiful and appropriate for your needs. The box of cards from a shop cannot adapt to that.

This is a one off decision and you need to be happy, but don’t be tempted to go cheap. People will react badly to shop bought cards but be touched by personalised cards. They do not need to be overly serious, you can choose from funny, contemporary, or traditional basic styles. You also need to consider stationary to send thank you notes for all those gifts you receive.

Invitations are a hallmark of your special day, and should be given a level of care and attention that will carry through your whole wedding. Let your guests know just how special you plan this day to be.