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Removing the mystery around a Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on November 10, 2017

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Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect wedding dress. You have an idea in your head and you know exactly what you want but just can’t seem to find it anywhere. The more boutiques you go to the more frustrated you become. This is when an off the rack wedding gown just won’t Read More »

12 Wedding Must Haves for the Budget Conscious Bride

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on June 3, 2016

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  Getting married is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do but it's also one of the most terrifying. And with all the pictures being taken on the big day one of the most terrifying thoughts is that your makeup might not look its best throughout the big day. Set your mind at Read More »

Planning your perfect wedding make up

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on April 29, 2013

You might have your dress and shoes picked out, but when it comes to the big day you will also need to think about make up. Many brides love to really do up their eyes, but it is important to make sure that you do not go overboard. One common mistake is that brides colour Read More »

Brides going vintage with inspiration from Downton Abbey

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on March 5, 2013

As the economic gloom continues to spread across the UK brides are choosing to take their inspiration from other sources and other eras. Right now a lot of inspiration for weddings is coming from Downton Abbey and brides are being drawn towards vintage frocks. Romance is the theme of the 2013 UK Wedding Show with Read More »

Crystal wedding jewellery

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on November 2, 2012

If you want to make your wedding more exquisite than it is, then you should consider adding crystals to the jewellery. Crystals are perfect for classic and contemporary weddings and they have been used for ages. Crystal jewellery has been used for ages and it is considered one of the most attractive types of jewellery Read More »

Choosing your perfect wedding tiara

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on September 4, 2012

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion where the focus should solely sit on the bride, the dress she wears, and of course the accessories that she pairs with her dress. Therefore, if you are working on putting together a bridal ensemble you want to make sure that you plan out every piece Read More »

Bridal hair accessories

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on September 1, 2012

“Everything old is new again” is an often heard phrase which is particularly appropriate when considering accessories for bridal hair. Today many bridal accessories give a vintage look, as is fashionable and the hair styles that the bride and her attendants wear also reflects a vintage feel through the use of wedding hair clips, combs Read More »

Planning a wedding for a bohemian bride

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on June 13, 2012

When a bohemian bride is planning her wedding she is not thinking about a glitzy reception with a band and a disco or wearing a big white meringue as a dress. No, she will be thinking of an earthy style wedding, preferably outdoors with plenty of wild flowers, and a dress that shows off her Read More »

Smell like a princess on your wedding day

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on February 28, 2012

Once everything is in place for the big day; venue, reception, invitations etc, the bride gets the chance to think about those little finishing touches that go towards giving her the wedding day she has always dreamt of.  Jewellery and make-up are obviously all important but there is one thing that often comes as an Read More »

Vintage weddings are right back in vogue

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on February 11, 2012

Themed weddings are more popular now than they have ever been; and one of the most popular themes is the vintage look. Everything from cars to food can be themed to match up with a particular period in history – or the car can always be dropped altogether in favour of some four-legged transport if Read More »