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How to Shed Weight 8 Weeks Out From a Wedding

Posted in Wedding essentials on April 13, 2016

how to lose weight for a wedding

Whether or not you subscribe to the idea that your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your live, you do want to look best. And sometimes looking your best means losing a little bit of weight so you fit perfectly in that amazing dress you spent a fortune on. Yet with all Read More »

Average UK wedding cost soars past the £18,000 mark

Posted in Wedding essentials, Wedding Finance, Wedding Planning, Wedding rings on March 10, 2014

A new study that has been tracking the expense of weddings in the UK for the past five years has found that now the average wedding costs a whopping £18,000. The figures come as most young couples are choosing between having their dream wedding or instead investing in property. Online wedding ring supplier Bay Rings is Read More »

Services cost more for weddings than any other event

Posted in Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on June 22, 2013

Engaged couples are likely paying for services that would be available much cheaper if they hosted any other event according to the results of an undercover operation. The undercover inquiry found that venues, DJs, and other party services all charge more for the same service if it is for a wedding versus another large event. Read More »

An outdoor wedding is possible whatever the weather

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding Finance, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venues on June 20, 2013

Most people dream of a sunny, summer outdoor wedding in England, even with the bad weather for which Britain is notorious during the summer months. With the chance that the weather will cooperate, there are many wonderful places to plan such an event. Even in bad weather, these places can be used with some considerations. Read More »

Fawlty Towers type fiasco ruins a wedding day

Posted in Wedding disasters, Wedding essentials, Wedding News on May 24, 2013

A drunken chef and obnoxious staff at a top hotel served up a faulty Towers fiasco that left a newlywed bride in tears. After viewing a review of the hotel on TV’s “The Hotel Inspector”, Rebecca Cutts, and her partner Paul, thought it a good idea to book their big day at the hotel. To Read More »

How to get the guests to your wedding

Posted in Wedding essentials on April 29, 2013

The devil is in the details when it comes to planning a wedding. Choosing the dress, the venue, the menu is all a stressful business but the most important thing to keep in mind is the image you are tiring to project about the best day of your life. It doesn’t matter if you are Read More »

Creating the perfect proposal

Posted in Proposals, Wedding essentials on March 14, 2013

Wedding proposals can be exciting, but doing it right is also nerve racking. How to say it and what to say can be hard to determine. Of course, getting on one knee with a box is the obvious first step, but this should be an unforgettable moment. Here, the right words and the right things Read More »

Katie Price drops out of Celebrity Wedding Planner TV show

Posted in Celebrity weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on March 7, 2013

Katie Price has officially quit as a host of Celebrity Wedding Planner saying that she could not handle planning out any more weddings for those on the show. The model who just announced another pregnancy was supposed to join the show along with Duncan James. Their task was to plan out weddings for some fellow Read More »

Areas where you can save money on your wedding day

Posted in Wedding essentials, Wedding Finance, Wedding News on February 24, 2013

Want to save money on the day that you say I do? Take a cue from this post and ditch the following things and you may be pleasantly surprised when you find how much money you save. Wedding favours While it’s thoughtful to treat guests thru a little present, it is a great gesture to Read More »

Wedding trends for 2013

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on February 6, 2013

Most new brides-to-be spend their time running from wedding fair to wedding fair attempting to figure out what they need for their wedding. However, after a while all of the fairs start to look the same. Therefore, it may be more helpful to just read a nice list of the top wedding trends of 2013. Read More »

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