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'The Bachelor' TV show sees its first live wedding

Posted in Reality show weddings, Unusual weddings on October 14, 2013

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe are not the first couple to get married since the debut of the reality TV show The Bachelor, but they are the first to actually get married on live TV as part of a Bachelor special. ABC is planning to televise their complete wedding as part of a special that Read More »

A Royal wedding in a small village in Northern Ireland

Posted in Unusual weddings on August 14, 2013

The village of Loughgall in Northern Ireland, home to County Armagh teacher Kristy Cooks, became an unlikely venue for a royal wedding on Thursday. A Nigerian Prince exchange vows with Ms Crooks in a Presbytarian Church in the village on Thursday.  Ms Crooks became a Princess as she married Mustapha Oniru, heir to the throne Read More »

An outdoor wedding is possible whatever the weather

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding Finance, Wedding Planning, Wedding Venues on June 20, 2013

Most people dream of a sunny, summer outdoor wedding in England, even with the bad weather for which Britain is notorious during the summer months. With the chance that the weather will cooperate, there are many wonderful places to plan such an event. Even in bad weather, these places can be used with some considerations. Read More »

Brandy considers letting her wedding become a reality TV show

Posted in Celebrity weddings, Reality show weddings, Unusual weddings on March 24, 2013

Brandy is thinking about making her wedding into a reality television show that her fans can be a part of her special day along with her. The singer got engaged to Ryan Press the music executive at Christmas and has said that at the moment she is having fun planning their upcoming nuptials. The 34 Read More »

Robbie Williams offers fans a glimpse of his wedding day

Posted in Celebrity weddings, Unusual weddings, Wedding News on March 9, 2013

Robbie Williams has offered his fans the chance to see the details that make up his wedding day by offering them some of the nuptial ceremony via an online video. The hit maker known for Angels and Take That finally tied the knot back in 2010 to Ayda Field at his LA home. At this Read More »

Wedding trends for 2013

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on February 6, 2013

Most new brides-to-be spend their time running from wedding fair to wedding fair attempting to figure out what they need for their wedding. However, after a while all of the fairs start to look the same. Therefore, it may be more helpful to just read a nice list of the top wedding trends of 2013. Read More »

Ways to create your dream wedding in a world of mass production

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on February 3, 2013

Everyone wants to make sure that their wedding is special and unique to them as a couple, however, in a world where everything is mass produced it may be hard to capture that unique feeling that you are after. To this end, the following tips for an original wedding may come in handy. First off, Read More »

Wedding of The Year contest reaches its climax

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding News, Wedding Planning on January 21, 2013

Excitement is in the air as 13 finalists have been short listed for the Wedding of the Year competition, which is being looked forward to by many couples from all over UK. One of these happy couples will get the chance to bring home the prize package of almost £10,000. The mechanics are easy; you Read More »

Royal weddings give many brides inspiration

Posted in Celebrity weddings, Royal weddings, Unusual weddings, Wedding essentials, Wedding Planning on January 16, 2013

Theirs was considered to be the wedding of 2011, and without a doubt, the couple was able to establish a high standard for wedding fashion. For instance on the day of the wedding, Kate wore two dresses of her choice. For the ceremony itself, she wore an exquisite lace gown, while for the reception, she Read More »

Celebrity wedding planners Martin Kemp and MC Harvey planned 'Great Gatsby'- type wedding

Posted in Unusual weddings, Wedding News on January 9, 2013

If you're going to get married, it may not be a good idea to let non professionals plan your wedding. It's unpredictable how your wedding is going to turn out, especially if you hire celebrities such as rapper MC Harvey and actor Martin Kemp. This is what happened to a couple in Hull whose wedding Read More »

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