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Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright celebrate engagement in Dubai

Posted in Celebrity weddings, Proposals, Reality show weddings on September 25, 2013

Another romance made in heaven, or at least an engagement made in Dubai, and Michelle Keegan gets a gigantic ring from Mark Wright and finally gets to show it off. The story goes that Mark proposed on bended knee on the beach at Dubai, and from all reports Michelle is lucky she didn't lose his Read More »

Creating the perfect proposal

Posted in Proposals, Wedding essentials on March 14, 2013

Wedding proposals can be exciting, but doing it right is also nerve racking. How to say it and what to say can be hard to determine. Of course, getting on one knee with a box is the obvious first step, but this should be an unforgettable moment. Here, the right words and the right things Read More »

Channel 4 offers people the chance to propose in a TV ad

Posted in Proposals, Wedding essentials, Wedding News on February 1, 2013

This year marks the very first year that someone will be allowed to propose via a television advert, and at the high price tag of £130,000 hopefully the intended recipient of the proposal is watching! Channel 4 will become the first station in Britain to offer ad space to one lucky man who hopes to Read More »

How diamond rings are priced

Posted in Proposals on September 3, 2010

The diamond is the hardest and most durable mineral substance known to man; its name derives from the Greek adamas, which translates roughly as ‘unalterable’ or ‘unbreakable’.  Small wonder that diamonds have become a symbol of lifelong commitment, given as a token of that commitment in the form of engagement rings. Diamond rings are hardly Read More »

Memorable proposal ideas

Posted in Proposals on June 4, 2010

It is a very rare person indeed who will ever forget the moment when the question was asked:  “Will you marry me?”   It doesn’t matter who you are or when, where and how the proposal was made, you’re sure to remember it for a lifetime, whether you are the asker or the answerer. If you Read More »

Getting ready to pop the question?

Posted in Proposals on May 12, 2010

Getting ready to pop the question? The one that goes:  “Will you marry me?”  Maybe you’re a bit nervous, not totally confident that the answer will be to your liking.  Well, men have been ‘popping’ this particular question since the institution of marriage became popular, whenever that was, but it was a long, long time Read More »

Ideas for popping the question

Posted in Proposals on April 7, 2010

Regardless of whether you are planning on taking your special someone out for a marriage proposal, or proposing at home, food is a great way to surprise your loved one. For example, you may consider baking a cake at home and placing the ring in the frosting somewhere for her to find, after all, it Read More »

Simon Cowell proposes to his girlfriend

Posted in Proposals on February 24, 2010

Simon Cowell is said to have given his girlfriend Mezhgan Hussainy a diamond ring this Valentine’s Day and possibly maybe even proposed.  Maybe despite all of his gruffness Cowell does have a softer romantic side that came out this V-day. Cowell is said to have proposed marriage over dinner at London’s Mr. Chow and even Read More »

Church of England offers proposal advice

Posted in Proposals on February 16, 2010

The Church of England is now offering couples alternative advice when it comes to crafting the ideal romantic moment by adding in tips on how couples can keep their marriage healthy and happy as well as tips on the best ways to propose. One of the suggestions by the church is those who have been Read More »