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Couples prefer a mortgage to marriage

Posted in General Wedding Articles on July 22, 2015

The growing trend is for couples to invest in property and take out a mortgage prior to either civil partnership or marriage. The mutual financial investment is seen as a more serious engagement than marriage itself, for some. In fact, Post Office Mortgages reported in a survey that 30% of respondents believed purchasing a house Read More »

Unusual Wedding Theme Ideas

Posted in General Wedding Articles on April 2, 2012

People have different opinions on wedding themes, it’s either something that you love or hate. But if you want to make your wedding something special and something that everyone will remember forever then you might want to think of an unusual wedding theme! If you can’t come up with any of your own ideas don’t Read More »

Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Cake

Posted in General Wedding Articles on March 19, 2012

  The traditional wedding cake is certainly in no danger of going out of fashion anytime soon, and it's doubtful anyone would assert that a beautiful dessert isn't an essential aspect of the wedding reception. In fact, for the majority of couples, a traditional, multi-tiered wedding cake is one of the first things they begin Read More »

Cutting down the costs of your wedding

Posted in General Wedding Articles on March 7, 2012

Your wedding will be one of the greatest days of your life, but for some the stress of budgeting for all the costs involved can really take over and put a damper on the big day! The average person will usually spend out on expensive brand new items and either take out a loan or Read More »