Average UK wedding cost soars past the £18,000 mark

Posted in Wedding essentials, Wedding Finance, Wedding Planning, Wedding rings on March 10, 2014

Average UK wedding cost soars past the £18,000 mark

Average UK wedding cost soars past the £18,000 mark

A new study that has been tracking the expense of weddings in the UK for the past five years has found that now the average wedding costs a whopping £18,000. The figures come as most young couples are choosing between having their dream wedding or instead investing in property. Online wedding ring supplier Bay Rings is hoping to help out couples by offering them affordable ring options so that they can stay out of debt when planning their wedding.

With wedding costs spiralling out of control, 21% of couples are taking out loans and credit cards and one in nine newlyweds admit to almost breaking up over their strained wedding finances.  The study of over 1,000 couples highlights the shocking average figures spent on catering, entertainment, the perfect venue and attire.  The honeymoon tops the list with an average cost of £3,582, and the wedding rings make number 4, with British couples splashing out up to £1,856 on sentimental jewellery.

The certified online shop Bay Rings is a budget friendly supplier of wedding jewellery, catering to bride and grooms-to-be who choose not to sacrifice their happy marriage for the sake of one day.  With most couples forced to borrow money for the wedding from family, friends and banks, it means many Brits start their married life in a lot of debt.  The honeymoon period of a marriage, thought to be the happiest time of a persons life, is spent worrying and arguing about finances instead of showing love and building a life together.  Some couples in the survey even admitted to selling items they were given from their gift list, or the bride’s dress for some much needed cash after the big day.

Modern couples planning to get hitched are now forced to be more thrifty and creative than ever before, introducing a homemade wedding trend.  From crafty home-produced invitations and wedding favours, to asking family or friends bake the cake, couples are using all means available to significantly cut the wedding budget.  This includes looking at less expensive alternatives for flowers, outfits, entertainment and the rings.  The wedding jewellery market is brimming with rings promised to last a lifetime at a cost to match; established family business Bay Rings provides a unique, more affordable selection of high quality wedding jewellery for couples determined not to break the bank on their big day.

A spokesperson for Bay Rings, says “Bay Rings are committed to providing high quality, premium wedding rings at a low cost to couples planning a wedding.  The cost of most wedding suppliers are soaring at a time when many households are struggling, so we know that saving for a wedding can be extremely tough; especially for young couples.  Our selection of the finest gold, diamond and platinum wedding rings are fairly priced, to leave more budget remaining for other costly elements of a wedding.

In addition, our convenient online shop offers an easy and reliable way to purchase the wedding rings, with free delivery straight to the customer’s home.  Bay Rings takes the stress and unnecessary expense out of searching for and purchasing the wedding rings.”

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