Creating the perfect proposal

Posted in Proposals, Wedding essentials on March 14, 2013

Wedding proposals can be exciting, but doing it right is also nerve racking. How to say it and what to say can be hard to determine. Of course, getting on one knee with a box is the obvious first step, but this should be an unforgettable moment. Here, the right words and the right things are important, and as such you should be prepared in order for this moment to really be memorable.

The first thing to do is sit down to collect your thoughts for a few days before you go out and spring this onto someone. Even if you don't believe that you will be nervous, chances are that you will when the big moment comes. So making sure you are composed and know what to do is crucial. You likely won't be very well spoken even despite your preparations.

Writing down a draft can be helpful to start. You need to come up with a phrase that evokes your feelings along with making sure that it will be consistent with what you want to convey. But what exactly should you tell her? The proposal speech should be something that she will always remember. Ask yourself what you two feel for each other, where you fist met, what are your favorite things to do together, things like that.

Talk about how beautiful she is and how precious she can be, begin by thinking about the first time you looked at her, and the times you laughed together. Try to identify one particular moment that could be recalled during that speech, and suggest that this is when you thought about proposing to her.

Focus on how much better your lives will be together. Do all of these things, and your proposal will be as good as it can get, and you will be able to come back to this moment and know you did the right thing.