12 Wedding Must Haves for the Budget Conscious Bride

Posted in Wedding Fashion and Style on June 3, 2016

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Getting married is one of the most exciting things you'll ever do but it's also one of the most terrifying. And with all the pictures being taken on the big day one of the most terrifying thoughts is that your makeup might not look its best throughout the big day.

Set your mind at ease with these 12 make up must haves:

  1. Blotting papers – These make small touch ups throughout the wedding day easy, especially touch ups for shine
  2. Translucent powder – A good translucent powder like KETT Sett Powder helps your foundation set properly and makes it easier to do touch ups throughout the day. Avoid powders with SPF as this can create glare in photos
  3. Airbrush Makeup – If you really want to keep your wedding expenses to a minimum, trimming back a little on the makeup artist is one option to consider. Fortunately, you can still get a fantastic makeup look through using a home airbrush makeup kit, which is becoming incredibly popular. Airbrush kits for home start from as little as $49 and you can even get quality products for around $98; far cheaper than bridal makeup artists!
  4. Setting spray – Once you've got your makeup on, setting spray will help keep it looking amazing throughout your day, making it so you only need minimal touch ups. Because really, nobody wants to spend half of their wedding doing touch ups
  5. QTips & Tissues – You simply must have these on hand at all times throughout your wedding day in case you need touch ups. Plus, they'll be handy to have when your guests all start crying
  6. Eye primer – Eye primer keeps your eyeshadow crease-free throughout your wedding day. If you plan on using several shades of eyeshadow choose a colorless eye primer; one that matches your skin tone can also be used to hide veins or any discoloration on the eyelids
  7. Waterproof volumizing mascara – It's amazing what some high quality volumizing mascara can do for your eyes, and with the tears flowing all over every wedding it would be crazy to get anything that wasn't waterproof
  8. Puff – Some powders come with their own puffs but if yours doesn't you still need to bring one along so you can quickly and gently powder your face whenever you need to throughout the day
  9. Lash adhesive/glue – If you're wearing fake lashes you want to keep some of this on hand just in case anything goes wrong. There will be a lot of running around and you never know what might happen
  10. Lip stain – Lip stain is usually less dramatic but is also less likely to smear than regular lipstick, which is rather important on your big day
  11. Lip liner – You absolutely must have a lip liner in the same colour as your lip stain (or one shade lighter/darker for effect) to really make your lips pop
  12. Makeup mirror – This one is so obvious it almost didn't make it on the list, but then we realized that's what makes it so forgettable. It's just your everyday compact mirror, but it can save the day when you need to do touch ups—or just want to remind yourself how awesome you look. Pro-tip, just in case lighting is dull, it might be worthwhile getting a cheap lighted mirror to ensure that you can maintain clear vision for quick touch-ups.

With these items in a discreet touch up bag you shouldn't need too many touch ups throughout the day and if you do you'll have everything you need in your purse.