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With the largest database of wedding venues on the web, we are confident you will be able to find your ideal wedding venue whether it is local to you or on a tropical beach somewhere! contains over 33,000 venues with ranging from low budget venues all the way through to grand wedding locations that will blow you away!

In our research, we found that destination weddings for the United States make up about 24% of the market. With around 2.1 million marriages, you're looking at roughly 508,000 destination weddings. In the United Kingdom, our research suggested that about 18% of UK weddings are held overseas equating 70,000 overseas weddings in 2015!

We found there was not a single resource on the web to help couples and wedding planners research weddings in various counties and was created!

You will find thousands of wedding venues locally and overseas in our large international database, we aim to provide the most comprehensive list of wedding venues around the globe!


If you are a couple planning your big day, a professional wedding planner or just a dreamer we welcome you to our site, please get involved and write reviews of wedding venues whether you were a guest at a wedding or you want to share the experiences of your big day!


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How to find your dream wedding venue
Finding the perfect wedding venue is a challenge for everyone. There are many factors to take into consideration such as the size of your wedding, the time of year and the budget of your guests. Luckily there are countless amazing wedding venues located all around the world. With a bit of determination, you’ll find your dream wedding venue in no time.

How can I find my perfect wedding venue?

Finding the perfect wedding venue is easier than ever when you use the search feature on our homepage at! You can instantly search through over 33,000 venues in 37 countries. With the click of a button, you can pull up thousands of options and compare prices, locations and tons of other features. It’s easier than ever to find your perfect venue when you utilise our easy-to-use wedding venue finder.

I don’t want to have a boring wedding. How can I find unique wedding venues for my special day?

By using our wedding venue finder you can easily locate unique wedding venues all over the world! Whether you want to celebrate your special day in your own hometown or a thousand miles away, there are thousands of unique and memorable options to search through on Our search feature will instantly help you locate the venue that perfectly suits your individual tastes. If your dream is to have a wedding that your circle of friends will be talking about for years to come, our site will point you in the right direction.

Should I use a wedding venue planner or should I figure out the details myself?

This choice is entirely up to you. Some people enjoy the freedom of searching for their own wedding venue without input from a planner, while others find the entire process to be stressful and exhausting. A wedding venue planner can simplify your search for the perfect wedding location. They can offer suggestions based on your unique individual situation and eliminate the stress of searching through thousands of different venues on your own.

You and your partner may enjoy browsing through all the different options and deciding what works best for you as a couple. For some people, it can even be a bonding experience, but every couple has different needs for their wedding. If you and your partner are having trouble selecting your perfect venue, you could most likely benefit from consulting with a wedding venue planner.

Should I stick with a local venue or choose one someplace far away and exciting?

There are countless wedding reception venues to choose from all around the world. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not you should stay close to home for your wedding. Will your friends and family members be willing to travel to enjoy your special day, or would it be more convenient for them to stay close to home? Are they willing to take on the expenses of travelling to a destination wedding? If the answer is yes, then travelling to an exotic location for your wedding could make your event even more memorable!

Should I have an overseas wedding?

Some people have a thirst for adventure and don’t want to have a standard wedding that will quickly be forgotten. On our search feature carefully chooses reputable wedding reception venues from all over the world. Overseas weddings are an incredible way to immortalise your special day and give your guests the experience of a lifetime. Instead of your wedding being a fleeting event that only lasts a day, you and your guests could celebrate your marriage in an exciting new country. If you and your guests are willing to travel, overseas weddings is a great choice to make your wedding unforgettable.

How can I find an overseas wedding venue?

Looking for wedding venues abroad may seem daunting, but our search feature makes the process easy. We instantly search through 33,000 venues in 37 countries so you don’t have to waste your valuable time. There are so many wonderful options to choose from in our wedding venue database. You’ll be presented with many venue options in your country of choice when you do a search on our site. Searching for a wedding location in an unfamiliar seems very difficult at first glance, but on we're determined to simplify your search.

I want to have a non-religious ceremony at my wedding venue of choice. Is this an option or do I have to use a priest? 

It’s the job of wedding venues to respect all different religious affiliations or lack thereof. Most venues respect diverse beliefs and offer all sorts of different ceremonies. For example, even if the person conducting your ceremony is a priest they may offer a non-religious option for the ceremony. There may even be someone without a religious affiliation employed by the venue who is licensed to conduct wedding ceremonies for cases exactly like this. It depends entirely on the venue you chose, so the best option is to contact them directly. 

I want to have a wedding close to home so my guests don’t have to travel. Are my options limited?

Your options aren’t limited at all! By searching for “local wedding venues near me” in our wedding finder you can locate plenty of amazing venues all within driving distance of your house. Many people enjoy the convenience of not having to travel a long distance for their wedding, and on we’re determined to help you find the best local venue that will work with you to make your special day amazing. You'd be surprised how many excellent venues there are right in your area! Many of them are willing to work with you and make all the dreams you've had about your wedding come true.

How can I find inexpensive venues for weddings?

Many people choose to have a less expensive wedding to save themselves the financial burden of paying for a pricey wedding for years to come. Luckily our search feature on will help you find perfect inexpensive venues for weddings. You don’t have to settle for a less than perfect venue just because you’re on a budget. With some careful searching, it’s possible to have all the charm of your dream wedding at a fraction of the price. Using our search engine can greatly simplify the process of finding your perfect inexpensive venue, whether it’s in your town or across the country.




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